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We sincerely thank the York Department of Education for their support as well as the promotion on Abacus-Math education. With their support, we successfully completed the 2009 Abacus-Mathematics and mental Arithmetic Competition in Canada , therefore allowing the students and parents to have better understanding of abacus-mathematics and mental arithmetic, and the positive impact and help to children's education.

Events at Shirley¡¯s Abacus:

The I.A.E.R.I. will hold the Annual International Abacus Competition in Toronto this year. The event will be at the Taipei Economic Culture Centre. We welcome all children¡¯s participation to this event.

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A letter from - Shirley Wu , Principal:

In the last few years, many parents in Canada started to pay attention to abacus and mental calculation education; this is worthwhile to get excited. From the years of teaching experience in abacus and mental calculation. I've discovered that there is a common misconception from many parents and students about the true reasons...
Abacus and Mental Computation
Abacus Computation
Abacus calculation denotes the use of the abacus as a calculation tool, with which students can solve simple to complex mathematical problems, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children as young as four may begin studying abacus calculation, which not only improves their manual dexterity, but also gives them a feel for numbers and prepare them for mathematical problems. Abacus calculation also requires intense concentration and quick thinking, as well as fast, and photographic memory. Thus those who practice the skill become well versed in all three. These, of course, will serve them far beyond the realm of math alone.
Mental Computation

Once the students have learned to add, subtract, multiply, and divide using the principles of abacus calculation, they may move on to mental calculation. The learning of mental calculation denotes a developing independence from abacus calculation - the abacus is now in the mind! With the help of experienced, professional instructors, using what they've learned from abacus calculation, students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit numbers using only their mind, at amazing speeds. This, of course, will positively affect their school grades, their self-confidence, and numerous other aspects of their daily lives.

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