Important Events
Ms. Shelley Carroll, former Trustee from Toronto
District School...
Participants during the 2005 Thai Emperor Abacus World
Cup Competition...
Distinguished guests and winning students
from Canada at Thailand...
Ms. Shirley Wu, Principal , representing Canada, during the 2005 Conference...
Events at Shirley's Abacus
The Abacus-Math Competition / International Certification Examination will be held this November in Toronto.

Event includes the certification/qualification examination as well as an Abacus Competition, certificates and prizes available for winners.
More events at Shirley's Abacus
1. International Mathematics, Mental Arithmetic Competition 2018: Thailand Prime Minister Award will be held on Sunday, 08/19/2018 at Fashion Island Hall, 3rd Floor, Terminal 21 KORAT, Thailand.

Shirley’s Abacus-Math Education centre is invited to attend as Canada’s representative.

2. 2018 Abacus-Mathematics and Mental Arithmetic Competition (Canada), will be held on Sunday, 28/10/2018 at Taipei Economic Culture Centre, 888 Progress Ave. Toronto.